My New Job and *pics*

So as of now, I am working at Paradise Bakery and Cafe! I got orientated today by my friend’s mother! It was so weird, but at the same time it felt really comfortable. I am glad that I am going to be working with people I know…my friend Tim, his mom (who be the general manager soon-ish), and my friend Lauren. But Tim’s mom was orientating me and I had fun today. I watched the tacky welcome video that all jobs make you watch, lol. I went over stuff with Tim’s mom, she showed me around, I got my T-shirt and name tag. I still have to fill out lots of paperwork, that’s probably going to take me forever, lol. And I’m procrastinating as usual. Bah, I want to do it when I feel like I have a lot of time to. Eh, I might start filling out some of it now, but I probably won’t get through all the complication stuff til like tomorrow or so. I found out that if I work like over 30 hours or so, I will get health insurance! So hopefully that will all work out.

I talked to Da Fizz on the phone today. My sissy is engaged!! I am happy for her 🙂 I am hoping that she will throw a bitchin bachelorette party, we haven’t done anything crazy with each other in a while! MUAH I love my sissy 🙂

Oh Jeez, when I got home from orientation, I ran two miles with Mike. I jogged yesterday, and I was only a little bit sore from that, but DAYUM, I jogged today, two miles, and my legs are like killing me!!! I plan to jog on a regular basis though, I need to keep in better shape so that I don’t get really fat like my parents :- I mean, I obviously want to be healthy too, I’m not going to have like a bare-bone eating diet and job all the time. I want to eat healthy, eat all meals, and exercise like once a day or so…whether it’s DDR or jogging or rollerblading or whatever. I just want to stay active and try to flatten my stomach a little bit. I mean, athletic chicks are hot and all, right?

Yeah so here are some pictures from Florida!

Mike and I at the butt crack of dawn, waiting for the bus to pick us up to take us to the airport.

I felt that this sugar cookie was important enough to share with the world.

Yay palm trees!

Me and the glass of wine that got me tipsy!

The Florida gang at the Siesta Key beach. From left to right, Mike, me, Kylene, Kara, Tim, and Anthony.

Ugh. I look horrible in pictures. Totally not photogenic. I do enjoy taking pictures of other things though 😛

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Congrats to your sis. I can’t stand running and stuff like that. It is just far too boring for me. And yay for wine!