Things That Were/Are Awesome Today


  1. I can’t stop smiling
  2. No, seriously, I can’t stop smiling
  3. I feel all giddy inside about the outcome of the election
  4. McCain supporters are "threatening" to move. I even heard one friend talk about moving to Kenya….Obama’s father’s home country? That makes sense….
  5. I really could care less how "worried" or "scared" people are for our country – it would get a lot worse if McCain got elected.
  6. Barack Obama made history – It will be in textbooks when my future children (should I have any) go to school.
  7. Indiana went blue!

It was funny last night – watching everyone’s statuses change on facebook in my news feed. Most people were like HELLZ YEAH OBAMA WON AND INDIANA WENT BLUE!! And only a handful of people were complaining about it. The absolute worse status that I read said, "I am worried for my country. I hope you all look back in four years and think, ‘what did I do?’" It’s like, UMMMMMM, I’ve looked back on the past EIGHT YEARS and wondered what did America do? It was also a female, so I said plain and simple: I’m sorry your candidate didn’t win, but thanks for going out to the polls and voting anyways. No, really. If you had been born before 1920, you wouldn’t have been able to vote. Eh, maybe it’s not related, but I sure felt good after saying it.

Heh, so what if all the conservatives move? Most other countries hate us at the moment, so I’m sure they’ll fit in just fine.

Maybe I’m being too harsh….ok….maybe I really AM being a little too harsh, but I really can’t hide my happiness, and I really can’t help but feel sorry for those who don’t share in the joy of such a historic and momentous occasion. I am happy that everyone just went out and voted yesterday, I am literally overwhelmed by the outcome at the polls – all the long lines I witnessed early voting, and hearing all the stories about how long people had to wait to vote on election day. I really don’t care who people voted for – they went out and voted for SOMEONE or SOMETHING important to them. They let their voices be heard yesterday – November the fourth of 2008.

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Congratulations to Barack Obama! The new 44th President of the United States of America!!!

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November 5, 2008

I still can’t believe Indiana of all places… It ruined my otherwise perfect prediction of 338.