Just as my foot falls off.

 Well, Sara said I should take a picture of my foot and post it…


Did you notice that Sara’s also IN that picture!  She’s the one hiding under the blanket.

Yep.  That was 2 days ago.  I think Sara thought I was dying.  Well, aren’t we all really?


I have to admit, it is kinda impressive, right?  I mean actually I noticed it first and pointed it out to her, at which point she seemed concerned.


No, it’s nothing to worry about.  I would best describe it as dead skin soaking up dirt/leathery stuff with the help of some baking powder.  Or at least that’s what I think.

See, my feet like to shed skin sometimes.  Quite a lot lately.  I think it’s because I was trying putting a bit more baking powder in my fivefingers to help with the wetness and what not.  Previously I had just made baking powder bags to keep in them between wearings.  Well, I started just dumping some in there.  Seems like since then, the feet have been shedding more skin.  I don’t even know how my feet keep up.  I swear some days I shed an entire layer every day.

ANYWAY…  nothing like this had shown up before, but I did some Fivefinger maintenance this weekend, gave them a good cleaning and as I had noticed a week or so ago, (hmm, I guess it was longer than that)  Apparently I push with my middle toes which I guess you’re not supposed to do.  Hence on 2 of my pairs I have worn a hole at the edge of the tread on my middle toes.

So…  On some internet advice I went to Wally world and picked up some "Shoo Goo", and attempted to add a bit more substance where I had worn them down.  And here’s a question for any of you: If you have used this Shoe Goo before, how did you apply/manipulate it?  It wasn’t that bad, but it does seem to have some interesting physicalities that make it a bit odd to try to get positioned how I’d like…  I used a paper clip which…  Worked I guess, but I feel there’s a better way…

ANYWAY…(again) I washed and patched the 2 pairs I wear the most out and about and let the Shoe Goo sit for 3 days for maximum hardness(That’s what she said).  

Sooo…(again) I wore my hiking pair for a couple days including one full day at work.  I believe they still had a bit of powder in them, and they are brown and at least partially leather.

And at the end of the day…  That was the result.  I couldn’t really smear it with my hand or anything, but a trip to the shower and using the scouring pad got rid of the majority of it/dead skin.

It was pretty much just back to normal the next day.


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December 8, 2011

That’s quite a sight. 😉

December 8, 2011

Oh my gosh!!

December 8, 2011

You have to wait three days for maximum hardness? That is, indeed, what she said.

December 8, 2011


December 8, 2011

Wow…what a picture!

December 8, 2011

As the Little Lady says, “Ewwww Goss!” I think I’d be under the blanket, too. 😀