PHWAH – Emotional release

 Well, I haven’t had the ol’ emotional sponge too bad for a while.  But in the last 10 minutes here in the back room at work, I just soaked up a bunch so I’m just going to jot it down for the insanity of it and to release it.


So D said something yesterday to the girls about needing to go to an appointment "because it was important", she repeated that.

Today I think I caught some other bit once or twice about it and then an hour or so ago she was on the phone trying to get results from a Dr.  Something about an ultrasound.


So just now she comes back, and is on the phone and is saying that she needs to go have surgery this afternoon and needs a ride.


A comes back and they are kinda talking. (she kinda talked to me for a minute too…  It’s difficult to know just how much she’s just jabbering to herself, or telling me everything she does on any day when she’s back in this little common room which is also my office)  She doesn’t know if she should call her Mom or her husband for a ride.  She doesn’t want to call her husband but he’ll be upset if she doesn’t cause she hasn’t told him anything.

So then she calls hubby more or less in tears, apparently she was pregnant and has lost it and they are taking it out.  Call lasts maybe 30 seconds before hubby hangs up on her.

So D then says how she doesn’t really care that this is happening, she didn’t want it in the first place.


D is…  Well…  I guess at the moment she is my least liked person in the office.  And it kinda bugs me because she doesn’t really seem to be that mean, but somehow she just bugs me…  I think it’s just her kinda downtrodden personality.  Like "woah is me" just seems to seep out of her all the time no matter what is going on.  And then she’ll complain that she never has any money, but go and buy 2 new vehicles and get new iphones, etc.(right after declaring bankruptcy).  Just…  you know?


And I can buy that she may be upset a bit, but isn’t overly bothered by this.  She’s made comments about her dog(s) before that led me to believe that she just doesn’t get it and …  I dunno.

Don’t get me wrong, I do agree, her husband seems to be a real winner as well, so part of the blame is on him but …  Gah!

And she’s like maybe 40ish?  With 2 kids, I believe both teenagers at this point…  I would agree, not time for another kid.


Just insane…  "oh yeah, I’m pregnant"  But not ever tell hubby.  And "Oh yeah, I don’t really care that this kid is or will be dead."…

Oh the world we live in…

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