Feeling empty

What happened to our life?

We were one soul in two bodies , the most special couple between our friends , happiest . We were unique mix of black and white , interracial date . We were together even with all our problems . We had a small house , full of joy and energy . I was the women of your house ,cleaning ,cooking & organizing with all my heart , with love , without being tired of anything even if you were not there so much but I was feeling you . What happened to the house that I made with love for you ? Where are you now ? What happened to our life ? I’m still shocked , in one blinking you took everything from me . Still i’m waiting for your call . I don’t have anything to tell you but I missed you so much that I feel impatient . I know we can’t back together , you took all my trust and destroyed it . But even when somebody is addicted , they cure it step by step not suddenly like this . You don’t know how you made me feel empty . Love was not suppose to hurt , it was suppose to make us make a permanent life . I hate love . I don’t believe it exists anymore . It’s all tricks .

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January 6, 2019

It’s sad that love could beĀ  wonderful and great one minute then leave is shattered and hurt a next. Love does exist it’s whether or not it’s real with the person your with.