Buddy dreaming, Me searching.

Well it has been forever, a year at the very least.  Covid has been and is still around, but I have enough vaccine in me. plus the flu shot, and the pneumonia one and the shingles as well.  Viruses had been keep well away.

I got here today because I cannot get hold of Polly Nash, some of you may remember her. I know she went as Gyspy something.  But her FB page has been compromised and I cant find her. I hope she is OK.

Anyhow that led me back here.  I will do a little search and see if I can find her.

I have been doing heaps of artwork and of course typical me have discovered AI art.  But that is for another day.

We have a show tomorrow at Lilydale after a weeks break and I must admit I have really enjoyed not having to perform for the last 10 days.

Still  I guess by the time the adrenaline kicks in tomorrow I will be away with the fairies.

Buddy is gently snoring beside me and having doggie dreams, God love him.




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October 4, 2023

Polly Nash was GypsySpirit. I got a new friend request on FB so she has been hacked. I don’t know anything more than that. Wonderful to see you. Break a leg!

October 4, 2023

I looked again and her FB page is back intact. She posted yesterday.

October 4, 2023

@tracker2020 Thanks so much I will look her up now.