End of year for us.


I am sitting contemplating  what a great year we have had   performing.  If there is a negative side to it, there were 5 shows cancelled due to Covid on the  premises.  Oh yes it is still out there.  I suppose the biggest disappointment is that our very last show for the year was cancelled.  I had put together a terrific Christmas show, but alas the wicked virus raised its tentacles and they had to cancel us.  According to Sue, who does our bookings the Leisure Manager, Pauline was devastated.  She loves to have us entertain her people and she knows how good we are.

I have worked out the new program for next year.  I have given my precious peeps, the lyrics in book form.  It took three days to print and collate it. However I think it will be a terrific show.

We will start with and Rock and Roll Medley and move into our Abba Bracket.

then a Beatles number for the Guys.. When I am 64.    And then the Gals  Oob la di oob la da.

2 great standards from the 30s,  and 40’s  This is a fine Romance   and Would you like to Swing on a Star.

Our last bracket will be a Medley from Mary Poppins. Feed the birds/ Chim Chim Cheree/ Let’s go Fly a Kite/ Supercalafralistic ….

In between there will be duos, and solos.    I made Playlist of the music on YT, so that they can sing along to over the next couple of months.  We hit rehearsal on 31 Jan and our first booked show is in March.  So we should get 5 rehearsals together before the first gig.

I cannot wait to workshop the pieces.  I have so many ideas running through my head.

We did at huge concert for EPR.  I compered it, so I really got to see the gang from where I was sitting.  OMG they blew me out of the water. Everything I have ever wanted for them was there.  The voices, the vitality, the energy. We performed for over 2 hours with a two other groups. I was given the honour of putting the whole show together and was so pleased with how it went.  I was very proud Mumma Hen I can tell you.  The Skylarkers had never been as good as they were that day.   They were like kids. So excited because they knew they had hit new heights . God love em.   The youngest of our group is 70  the oldest 91.  Still singing, still dancing, still performing.  Looking glam and handsome. It doesn’t get any better than that.  Yep I am a proud Mumma.

Anyhow today is my last time with them as we are meeting at Kathy’s lovely home for our  Christmas lunch.  I am picking up Bettina at 12ish,   It will so much fun today and I know it is just what she needs after have her pacemaker fitted.  But that will not stop her. She is amazing


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December 13, 2023

Very well done to you all!

December 13, 2023

Congratulations! I can feel their enthusiasm looking at the photo.

December 14, 2023

This is wonderful! I love it. Great job