10 Things I’m Grateful for Today…

10 things I’m grateful for today…

  • The beautiful weather.
  • Waking up early enough (without an alarm, mind you) to see the dappled in the lounge room. I had no idea how peaceful this apartment is in the morning.
  • Rosemary’s paintings. Not only do we have interesting art to decorate the walls, but it makes me happy to have her paintings around me.
  • The speaker, TV and this laptop—all pieces of technology that I use regularly to make my day more comfortable. I’m grateful for background music. I’m grateful for those fascinating YouTube videos and that hilarious series I’ve been watching with T. I’m grateful to be able to write and publish, find information and discover new things so easily.
  • Having so much space. This apartment is more spacious, and now I don’t have to worry about waking up T if he’s asleep in the bedroom and I’m awake doing things in another room. I loved our old loft apartment, but it was just one huge box, so we were very much in each other’s pockets.
  • I’m grateful that I was taught to type and use a computer from a very young age. Every student at my school had to have her own laptop that we used in our classes, and as a result I’m really comfortable with computer technology and my typing speed is near-pro level (I think it’s 86 WPM).
  • I’m grateful for my cat Olly Cat, who is so well-behaved. He does his business in the right place, isn’t fussy about food, loves to play and loves to sleep in the cutest positions like on his back with his legs spread, or on his stomach with his paws over his head. So damn cute.
  • The way T plays with Olly Cat. It’s beautiful. It’s serious business. It’s keeping Olly engaged, excited and energetic. It’s also interesting to see how T rewards Olly for being engaged, and beautiful to watch their relationship develop since T’s been spending more time at home.
  • I’m grateful for my dad’s attitude and perspectives, and I’m grateful for our positive relationship. I’m lucky enough to have a dad who wants to have an open, relaxed relationship with me and who wants to talk to me often.
  • I’m grateful for my health. At this point in my life, I feel in control of my health and I’m grateful for that. By taking care of myself every day, it’s possible to maintain good health into my 90s.

On an unrelated topic… I noticed that OD no longer has an option to format fonts and colours in entries. Many of the old diary circles have also been removed. There were loads before, like Depression, Dreams, Family, Eating Disorders, Frugal Living… Just want to confirm that I’m not missing something–these features/circles have been removed, right?

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July 1, 2022

A lot of stuff has changed, that’s for sure – but I can’t really comment because it was so long ago I bounced out that I don’t remember much of anything.

Lots to be thankful for – this is a good exercise!