I Miss Me

I just miss me. I miss me often.

Life is good, but I’m having trouble making decisions that will lead me to a life that matches my values. And I’m afraid that once I get there it will be hard to get back. Logically I know that you can always–at any given moment–start making decisions that lead you in another direction, but my experiences seem to have taught me that the right decision isn’t always as clear as you think it’d be.

I’m afraid of losing touch with the friends I appreciate most; the ones who keep me grounded by reminding me who I am every now and then. But I’ve gotta admit, that’s a fear I’ve had on and off since high school so perhaps I can write that one off as unfounded.

Life, huh? I think I might find a solution with three things: (1) Exercise daily, (2) journal more often, and (3) take stimulant medication (for ADHD) as prescribed.




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