I planted a ton of wildflower seeds in the garden bed in front of my house on Saturday. Last year, my garden was sterile and defined. I am not a sterile, defined person, so I think the wildflower garden will do something for my soul.

I’m in a state where I want to be productive and have the house be as tidy and nicely decorated as can be. I have all the inspiration in the world, but no time. I would also say I don’t have the money, but most of my treasures come from antique malls and second hand stores of all types.

I’m looking forward to my husband being off his 7 day shift at work so that I will have more time to be productive. I just don’t have the time, and neither does he, to upkeep the house the way I need to. I try to enlist the kids to help pick up their toys, but there’s so much more that needs to be done. I’m tired. But inspired. And energized. That’s something.

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