Addiction & Recovery

Hello !!

I’m new here! Ive always loved having an online journal & love talking to other people who go through similar things I have gone through. I’m 28 years old I’m a CNA & I love my job! I was addicted to meth for 8 years & have been sober for 3 years now its been a long road…I was first addicted to the needle was able to get off of it then stuck to smoking was in an abusive relationship throughout my addiction but the last time he put my hands on me I left not just because of that but because I was so sick of living that lifestyle I didn’t want to be a meth addict for the rest of my life I started using right before my high school graduation . I have an amazing job & have so much support my bosses now have been nothing but supportive through my recovery. I still struggle some days im not completely sober I do coke here and there and sometimes pop an adderall … so unfortunately im not completely sober but im just glad to be off that drug it was ruining my life. Lucky for me most people can’t even tell I was ever a meth addict I have all my teethe and it hasn’t ruined  my looks luckily… i will never touch that shit again! Anyways ill ramble on more later but if anyone relates to me shoot me a message! 

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September 4, 2023

You know two months ago I found out was addicted to sth but I got rid of it eventually by chewing gum. Now I’m addicted to gum…(sugarless). It just makes me feel so good when I feel that synthetic ingredient, god! I hate it.

Sometimes you addicted to sth but you don’t even know, you just want it at a particular time, it could be sometime when you feel anxious, or stressed or just when you come home etc. you just wan it and it makes you happy. But that’s addition , that’s it.

Hope you get through it soon. Live a happy life is absolutely different from get through by the pleasure you get from sth you addicted to.

September 4, 2023

@houdini yeah i normally want it when im bored or super depressed it makes me “happy” i love that euphoria feeling that intense happiness that it gives me even if its not real its amazing because i never  actually feel happy…thats what keeps me coming back. but then when i got off meth i found out about kratom its legal but also gives you that feeling just not as intense