Gardening ain’t my forte.

But before that, my natal chart. You can see my Sagittarius charm there eh? Anyone else a Sag??? A Lunar Sag like me??? Ok… here is the q of the day:

November 22nd – Do you have a garden? If so, what kind of plants do you have?

TBH, I don’t garden. I find it stressful and repugnant. It’s also a trigger for my PTSD. So… a big ol’ nope there.

So, last night I had this quacking realistic horror mind movie – aka a nightmare. I dreamt of gigantic gooshy octopi, a haunted house, and my friend Ali Seevers. It’s all jumbled up, oh! And there was an owl too… and me running with my foster brother Doug…. IDK what the hell my mind served up, nor do I give a quack…. it’s just weird, y’know??



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November 22, 2022

Good morning, Sammy! Thanks for sharing your lunar chart. Would you please tell me where you got the chart? I’d love to see mine.

I understand that gardening isn’t for everyone. I enjoy it now very much, but only because I have the time I need to do it well. When I was working long hours at any of my other jobs, I didn’t have time for a family, husband, career, and gardening, so the gardens suffered. Now they look great because I have the time and inclination to learn more about how to garden and put my knowledge into practice.

November 22, 2022

@darkmadonna Somewhere in these listings…

November 22, 2022

Ooooooh I love seeing people’s charts.

I’m most knowledgeable about Sun, Moon, Ascendant/Rising, Mars, Venus, and Mercury – even though it’s limited knowledge.

I heard a story that even though our Sun sign represents us, it’s somewhat like a costume we are born into. As we grow up we become more like our Moon sign. The Moon is our “inner self”.

Sag people are very quirky, adventurous, curious, and quite fierce when they need to be. They are the philosophers of the zodiac – and protectors of the forest. Many people wouldn’t guess that about you guys as you come off as almost whimsical. But when someone actually sits down to talk with you guys you are very open-minded and willing to talk about the deep parts of life. I could see this for you with all of your writing.

With Cancer as your sun sign you might be most happy sitting at home or at least with loved ones. The Cancer is “The Mother” – mix this with the Sagittarius and you have The Mother Guardian (these are not real phrases but something I’m sharing in how I imagine it) you are very protective over your home and everyone you love. You probably are a voice for people that don’t have the volume that you do.

Our Mar sign is our passion and our war cries. With Leo as your Mars, you are fair, albeit sometimes hot-tempered (esp with your Sag placements) person. You come across as playful but also stand your ground. Leo’s are very regal creatures – and they know it! But they have hearts of gold.

Venus is how you are in love and things you do. You are most happy with your mind being stimulated – you have a big imagination and love others that help that imagination build. You probably adore intelligent people that make you laugh. And in the astrology world everyone knows that when a Gemini Venus gets wronged by a partner – they can literally delete that person from their heart. One of my best friends has this placement and I’ve seen her love hard but be done in a bad relationship the next day.


Thanks for posting!

November 22, 2022

@queengloom Thank you. Yes, Sags are awesome people! 😀

November 23, 2022

Nope, not a Sag.  Don’t think I even know any (except you.)  And I like gardening — it’s very relazxing & rewarding.  I just don’t get the time to do it, and even if I did, my back wouldn’t.  cvonsequently the back yard looks like a war zone.  So does the front. 😥

November 23, 2022

@ghostdancer We Sags are stealthy af… that’s why! Oh lawd. War zones are not cool.