Good day to y’all.. or evening..

Hello again, that would be Babycakes (the angel that she is!) up there… so, I had homemade quiche and Greek salad with kalamata olives … so good!!! πŸ˜€ I have the stupid Ren and Stimpy “Happy happy joy joy” thing in my head. I just had snack — homemade (again~!) apple brown betty. πŸ™‚ Well.. the day is drawing to a close, but I’m not sleepy yet. I’m going to play Jeopardy on my 3DS XL… and that should send me off to Dreamland… if not I will play a game of Wheel of Fortune or Deal or No Deal or even a PokΓ©mon game… For sure in January, I’m getting a Switch. I want to jailbreak that sucker.Β 

I think I will check my e-mail ( and just relax. I can play games later tomorrow. I want to finish watching my movie that I started yesterday: Return of the Living Dead 3. I LOVE horror movies. They are, with thrillers, my favorite type of movie.

So, I recommended the Goddamned George Liquor Program to Julie… who thinks it is cute. Heh. Here it is:

I watched that originally in the mid 90’s when it came out. John Kricfalusi (sic) made it as a web toon and some genius collected all of the eps and put ’em on YT. πŸ™‚ I liken it to the Simpsons and South Park with a quackton of other weird toons thrown in for good measure. Goofy fun. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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November 30, 2022

hey pretty lady! sounds like a good day

December 1, 2022

@kaliko Yes yes it was. πŸ˜€