Well… I’m here…

Ha ha yeah, you know when I’m feeling better when I get up at the asscrack of dawn, right? I heal fast, idk… that’s one thing I like about my body… 🙂

What’s new with y’all? Not much with me. I mean today is Saturday, and usually this is when I do my computer maintenance right? Well, boredom kicked in and I did it Thursday. Monday I get paid. I am going to buy my holiday shop on Amazon and I believe I am repeating myself here… nothing new to report. I was watching a movie called Smile; a horror but it wasn’t really up my alley. Too much yakking and not enough blood spillage. I like ’em hardcore gorefests.

Yes, yes I am weird. But, ask me if igaf? Nope.

I think I might buy a new case for my iPhone. 🙂 Hey @robertsmith where the heck is the SIM card thingy on an iPhone 7? Just askin, saw some SIM cards at the dollar store of all places, and am going to get one. :3 They are prepaid too!

Anyways, what’s new with you?


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October 29, 2022

I think it’s perfectly okay to be weird…i know i am and i am fine with that.

October 29, 2022

@happyathome ❤️