What the quack is going on?

Someone just drove by with a rusted tailpipe dragging on the road. Why me?? I have to listen to all these noises… and where the quack is the mail?? Don’t mind me, I’m a little disgruntled with Apple. 🙁 I kind of liked the frickin’ username I had. Has anyone with an iPhone had this problem (see previous entry)????

But, anyways, it is a cool Wednesday evening, and I am just waiting on my pills to kick in… which they will sooner or later. I have a new legacy, but it will have to wait til tomorrow bc I quacked up with remembering to actually post the damn thing.

I hope every American here has a grand Thanksgiving!! @gypsywynd is having a neckless turkey, @kat is gearing up for her new grandbaby, and idk what my Jeffy @heffay is doing. I have Snapchat again, sooo… I might snap him.



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November 23, 2022

I haven’t had any problems with apple.  I am sorry you are having problems with them.

November 24, 2022

@robertsmith Oh Chris, I guess there was something glitchy with the old ID?? IDK.