Trimming, Trimming, Trimming

Yesterday I didn’t get as much trimmed as I wanted to.  I got up there rather early, but Milo had a bunch of things that she has to do in the trim/packaging room and didn’t want me underfoot.  Well, that’s not exactly true, she wanted to listen to her music at a very loud volume and she knows that I don’t care much for it.  So I came down and took a long nap.  I went up a bit longer after Milo was finished, but I only stayed up there for about two or so hours.  It’s 8am right now, and I’m thinking about going up now — a part of me wants to grab a bite to eat and then run up to start, but Shib promised food this morning and a part of me wants to wait for eggs and sausage.  I do need to make sure that I get a lot of work done today.  Like, a lot.  Just got to get started.  Bleh.

Ipo and I talked for quite a while last night — he called me after he got off work… it made the work go faster and better – just sitting and talking to him while working on trimming is happy.  ugh, I need to go and grab my allergy pills before going up today, my eyes are already watering.

Boring post today, I know.  But nothing’s really going on besides trimming and trimming and trimming.  XD  It’ll be more interesting later this week, I think.  Ipo and I are supposed to spend Sunday and Monday together, since those are his days off.  Well, Sunday and a bit of Monday.  We had a week vacation together last week… well… 10 days ago.  We went to a B&B we found on Airbnb and spent a week just relaxing and spending time together.  A lot of cuddling, some adulting (I actually cooked for him, gasp!) and a lot and lot of talking.  We also spent some time crafting, doing our own various crafts and stuff and even that felt more intimate than some of the times that I spent the day in bed with a previous boyfriend.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with Ipo this weekend, a little ravishing, I’m sure, but probably more time talking and harassing one another.  <3

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