Work – Busy, but Not

I think that describes the past week.  XD

My numbers so far this week aren’t as good as I’d want them to be but I’m not too worried about it.  My weekend started Friday evening, when I ran out of stuff to trim and couldn’t get into the quarantine room to get the next batch of stuff.  I spent the night chilling with the bossman, and two of the other farm workers (who, as far as I can tell, don’t do anything… but I digress) and then left for home the next morning.  I was trying to figure out how to split up my weekend to spend some with my mom, and some with Ipo, so I decided to kidnap Ipo and make him come and spend the weekend with me at my house… so Mom and I drove up to fetch up, and dragged him back down to Oly to chill with my family.  We had a good weekend, besides the fact that Mom wasn’t feeling well — she was having breathing problems so she didn’t make it into work, but slept and chilled with us.  Ipo and I played minecraft and watched movies and lazed around… it was a lot of fun.  I took Ipo back up to Seattle on Monday evening and spent the night with him up there.  Tuesday morning, when I was getting ready to go back to the farm, I got a message from Mom saying that her breathing was worse and she needed to go to the doctor.

So instead of going back to work Tuesday, I made mom and appointment, got her to the doctor and then kept an eye on her for the whole day.  I spent half the day Wednesday keeping an eye on her too, but her breathing seemed to be better and she was actually eating and telling me she was bored.  And so, I didn’t make it back to the farm till Wednesday afternoon.  I’ve also had some problems with the bud I was trimming — some of the bud didn’t dry out as fast as it needed to, so it got moldy, so I’m going slower than usual to make sure that it’s all good.  Bossman did say that my buds are looking nicer every  day, and that my trim is getting better too, not as leafy.  I’m very proud of that, and I’m happy to see the numbers go up, even if it is slower than I was wanting them to. So far this week I’ve only trimmed  550g — not bad for only a day and a half of work, but gaaaah.  Still not where I want to be.

I’d be up there right now but the State’s overseeing board is coming out for their inspection today.  So I can’t do anything until they get here and go — I made sure to clean up my area really good last night, so I didn’t have to race around getting things together and cleaned and the like, like everyone else has to.  HA, I’m smarter than the average bear!  T is so worried about the house being  cleaned, and the toilets here being scrubbed till they shine that she “doesn’t have time” to worry about her areas up there being neat and tidy daily.  Bossman said that anyone who makes us get a fine from the LCB will have to share the cost of it… I’ve been so paranoid about having to pay thousands of dollars to the farm because I didn’t clean up or lock up, that I’ve made sure every night my area is nice and neat.  It pisses me off when I come back from my weekend and there’s shit all over my table and everything’s a mess, because it means that not everyone’s being held up to the same standard.  Ugh.  Oh well.


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