Work and Tummy Problems

That’s what my week has revolved around so far – work and tummy problems.  I think my gallbladder is inflamed – lately after eating my unhealthy meals filled with fats and carbs, I’ve had a bad pain in my abdomen… it’s right under my ribs, on my right side.  It was so bad yesterday after snacking on cookies and beef sticks that I had to stop working early.  I spent the evening in the hot tub and then sleeping.

Today I got up at 9:30, feeling better — well enough to get up and head back up to the top of the hill to trim.  I’m down to one bin now, that’s all I have left to trim.  I’ve been watching what I eat and even then my stomach’s not happy. I’m not getting that pain in the upper right of the abdomen now, but my stomach itself isn’t happy.  I think it’s because I’ve eaten less today than what it considers normal.  Today for breakfast I had some tofu scrambled with bell peppers, tomatoes and something else, as well as a kiwi fruit.  Lunch was a broiled sweet potato, and dinner was a large bowl of oatmeal with a little brown sugar and crasins.  My stomach right now is kind of rawring and rolling.  I guess that means more water and maybe some fruit juice.

Got down outta the farm at about 5:30 or so, and when I came down, bossman was working on silk screening jars for the next order, so I asked him to teach me how to do it.  XD So I spent the last two hours or so working on learning to silk screen.  We got 40 jars finished, and ready to put the next bit of screening on… then they’re going to be washed really well, sanitized and sent up the hill for Maili and Shib to fill with product to go out.

We’re almost done with this batch of trimming — once this bit gets finished, we’ll be able to send it out for testing and then I’ll get paid, and we’ll be able to send out a shit ton of orders and the like.  Maili was having trouble getting things together to fill the orders that we have waiting.  XD  I just need to get my ass up there and working faster and more.  Devante and Niks finally started working in the farm… The bossman had a HUGE bitchfest with them and told them that if they wanted to get paid, they had to work.  And cleaning the house doesn’t count as working.  It’s great that all the pressure is no longer on me, but it sucks because every bit that they do is a bit that I don’t get to do and get paid for.  I’m still the most awesome though.

I’m hoping to have the stuff finished tomorrow night so that I can take a long weekend to go home and hang out with my mom and the like.  I miss hanging out at home.  XD  I miss Ipo too, but making money is good.  And I’m finally at the point where I can talk with bossman and feel like we’re talking and on the same page.  It’s kind of scary, in all honesty.

In personal news… I contacted Ipo’s sister… talked to her for a little bit, just told her that Ipo was well and the like, and that he had me to watch out over him.  He’s estranged from his family, and she contacted him for his birthday and he never responded.  I did ask his permission to contact her… I really can’t hold anything back from him.  He rolled his eyes and told me that he couldn’t stop me.  XD  Nothing was really said, just introductions and a thank you.

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May 10, 2018

i know this is unsolicited advice,but you might want to research to see if drinking pear juice might be good for your gallbladder. i had my gallbladder removed ten years ago,and i wish i had known how to hang onto to it. wishing you the best!