Weekends end with Mondays

This weekend was quiet, but at least it was calm.  J had to work on Saturday’s mandatory overtime and Sat hours ( which we def can use but I know it makes for one tired husband) . It was rainy and wet all weekend so he didn’t get to fix my car, so instead he pulled the dang exhaust off so my car is LOUD and burning fuel, but at least I had a way to work without us having to do like Friday, which was me take J into work, then i had my dr. appt, then I had to go to work and he got a ride from one of the guys who live in our town.  We don’t like getting rides and doing that. We like to be independent.

After J got off work, we had to go to the grocery store and target.  We had gift cards to Target so we wanted to get some Christmas shopping out of the way, and his boss had given them a gift card to Meijer, so we decided to do our shopping there to use the gift card.  I HATE shopping, as does J and I am not a Target person for some reason, I just don’t enjoy it like the cult masses do.  We got a few items, and with the Target app, and sales, I had had enough, so I told J we would finish the rest of Target gift cards online, and lets go grocery shopping.


Got home, and mainly spent the rest of the weekend planning what other items we wanted to get the kids and made a plan of how we are going to financially break that up, utilizing his over time and making sure all of our bills are paid as well.  We refuse to go into debt in regards to gifts. I am suppose to be getting a bonus so hopefully that will be on my next check.


Next week is going to be hectic as heck, with the kids bus route being cancelled, I will have to take them, be late for work, and then, pick them up in the afternoon, AND on Wednesday, I have another dr appointment, so it will be busy.

This morning has been decent not too hectic. I have a little bit of work I need to get done but will get it all done in ample time . Feeling weird with the new meds im on but hopefully they will even out soon.


Hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for the holiday season! I am going to try to write more often.  I paid for the second time, for an annual subscription, hopefully i dont get rebilled for the first time, as i never heard back from support a few months ago lol.

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