Hello again old friend

I haven’t looked to see when the last time I wrote was.  This time hopefully is different, I am on a laptop ( personal) one that I finally bought when I thought we were *finally* getting ahead. But low and behold, Murhpy’s Law has always proven to kick my butt, I am just going to be able to scrape by the next couple of months, but for that I am grateful for.


What for the deary thoughts, you ask?! The old 900 dollar honda finally blew the patched oil pan, it needs 450 dollars in repairs.  I pull off an amazing Christmas for the kiddos, and then, I save and start knocking off the “needs/wants” list.  I am finally, after a year of so of no personal, home computer/laptop ( the dog ate the power cord to my dinosaur lap top and couldn’t find the replacement ) I ordered from Amazon Second chances a nice little Compter.  I have a work computer I can use at home, however, I also allow IT to see all things, personal, financial, or what not, and with iphone technology, i’ve been getting by.  HOWEVER , during quarantine, J was able to replace my long ago pawned to pay a bill and lost Canon Rebel with the t7i rebel, at a really good deal, and without a laptop Its futile to take pictures.  So i Ordered this glorious little second hand rebuilt hp that is rose gold pink that I adore .  So thankful the husband doesn’t care what color the computer is and he rolls with it, because i love it.  Tonight, after owning it for a month, is the first month that I have pulled it out and messed with it.


How else is Murphyls law kicking my hiney? J broke his thumb and dislocated it, it got infected.  He winds up in the hospital for 6 days, with iv antibiotics, trying to kill an unknown origin infection that has caused his broken hand to be four sizes bigger than normal.  Cue day 5, and the kidney specialist we didn’t know we needed appears at an ungodly hour to proclaim that his kindey function is failing due to one of the anti biotics, so he is not being released.  Meanwhile I’m going to work, leaving work going to the hospital coming home cooking dinner dealing with the kids, rinse lather repeat.  He is finally released on TUESDAY, and tomorrow, we go to the orthopedic surgeon to to schedule SURGERY leaving my WELDER out of work for 3-12 weeks.  Trying to get short term disability set up, me trying to be optimistic going ” well, at least I can use the savings to pay bills, thankfully i am approxiamtely two weeks ahead, and I will file taxes soon.


I am mentally, absolutely doing ok.  I am in a good place at the moment.  I work hard, am trying to be the best person and employee I can be at work, trying to make sure J doesn’t go off the deep end being home with NOTHING to do all this time, trying to figure out bills.  But suprisingly, I am doing ok.


OH____ and lets not forget to mention that my father for the second time since August, tried to unalive himself by eating RAT POISON?! I am at a point, I wasn’t surprised, I didn’t cry and was annoyed because while I am sure he is feeling some stuff, and there are DEFINETLY some chemical imbalances, and mental health is real, he only does this kind of thing when he is caught in the wrong, and it causes a problem between him and my mother.  I am 1200 miles away, so I only know what I’m told.  I STILL haven’t heard from the father however, I texted a non important but hey text to him, the ball is in his court.  Le sigh.


Children are doing pretty good, annoying as ever but growing into good human beings.  Overall, things are ok.  I ate questionable leftover chili tonight, so a little nervous about that but gosh it was tasty.




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February 1, 2024

Sounds like a lot going on. I know about dealing with infections. Thankful for antibiotics. You must be a photographer on the side I’m guessing? Here’s wishing to a speedy recovery and for things to get better.