30 day challenge day 18

30 day challenge: day 18

Write a letter to the person you wish you you be. 

Hello (Different)Me…

I’m happy to see that you’re more social and that you have lots of energy to keep the house immaculate! And let’s talk about how pain free you are! Isn’t that wonderful! Now you can take the dogs for long walks and exercise and enjoy other activities that you use to before the disability took your old life away. You are so much thinner and beautiful. To get back to the fun life you use to have is great! Bike riding and hiking is something you’ve really missed. To get out to the Ledges again and walk the trail and climb is wonderful. I see you also have gotten back into skydiving. I know you really missed that. Enjoy it always! Take care and never change!

That’s what I wish my life was like. Not that I don’t like my life now. I mean I like it for what it has to be. Being in pain is never great but what I have as far as my family and dogs are concerned makes my life happy. It’s not the life I use to have and in some ways that’s good. However I’ll always miss being active and pain free. If my life could change in those few ways sure I’d be thankful and enjoy that. To keep skydiving I would be thrilled! I only got to do it once by myself, not tandem. It was so exhilarating! I wanted to continue doing it but then I was told I couldn’t because of the degenerative disease. But my life is what it is and I learned a new normal. I’m happy that I have my dogs, they make my life so much happier! If I didn’t have them I don’t know how I’d feel. When I got Tito, everything changed. He changed me! So life is what it is!

My daughter got home late from work yesterday so my car didn’t make it back until after I went to bed. That was fine as long as I had it today for shopping. She also got her Covid vaccine yesterday. I think that’s great for her being that she’s around her clients every so often. She still is mostly working virtually and by phone but a few times a month she has to take clients to Dr. Appts, court,  shopping, etc…Of course she still wears her mask and practices social distancing. That hasn’t changed. 

I’m waiting on my son to wake up and then we’ll go get the grocery shopping done. I have the 2 stores I need to get to today. Then sometime this week I’d like to make it to Sam’s Club. However before that I need to get to the tire shop to fix the sensor and I need desperately to get my hair cut!

Anyway, I must go! My son just messaged me to go shopping.  Have a nice day!

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3 weeks ago

Cool letter you wrote yourself

3 weeks ago

I especially wish you could do the sky diving.  I’m sure it is like no other feeling with the free fall and all.  It sounds like you will have a good day too.  😎

3 weeks ago

You are braver than me, I wish I had the guts to to sky dive too.

Hope you had a good day & got lots of good groceries.