Makes me so frustrated

I recently talked to my brother who is in charge at this painting company about whether there was a way he could give my son a chance to learn the trade and work with/ for him. He had just lost a helper and my son had been picking up odd jobs on top of working at the bar. He doesn’t make all that much working at the bar and isn’t real happy there most of the time so I though this could be a good opportunity for him. My brother talked to his boss who said they could give him a chance next week and he called my son to offer him a chance to work. My son tells me today that he will work on occasion if my brother needs him but he doesn’t want a full time position there. He wants to stay where he’s at until they don’t need him anymore. Then he wants to just work odd jobs here and there until he could find a way out of Ohio. He hates living in Ohio and wants to move to California. I am just so frustrated with him. He has such a good opportunity to learn a trade where he can make good money and be able to support himself. Especially since he dropped out of school and doesn’t have a diploma to get other better jobs. I honestly don’t see him moving to California because I don’t think he knows anyone out there. I worry about him being able to support himself! He won’t listen to me though. He “knows better” then mom. He says he doesn’t want to settle in life. He wants to be happy! SMH!

Anyway, today I took Tito to the vet for his yearly shots and check up. The very says he’s very healthy and doing great! I voiced my concern about his eating habits. He doesn’t eat much at all, sometimes even skipping eating a day or two then only eating a half a bowl and on other days eating just a full bowl a day. I even gradually changed his food and he lived the new food, ate alot the first 2 days then went back to how he always eats. The vet said not to worry about it, that he’ll eat when he’s hungry. My mom has been saying that but it felt better hearing it from the him. 

After that appointment I had to pick my daughter up and take her to work. She forgot she let her fiance take their van to work and she didn’t have a way to her job. He’s going to pick her up afterward so she just needed a way in. Once I dropped her off I went to my moms and visited with mom, dad, sis in law and the baby. It started raining there quite a bit so we went inside until I had to pick my son up for work. I dropped him off at his job and now I’m finally home for the night. Because of all the running around today I forgot to put my chicken in the crock pot for my chicken taquitos tonight so I’m going to just make some cheese ravioli and make the taquitos for dinner tomorrow.

Looks like there’s going to be a break in our 88 and 90° days. It’s dropping to the low 70’s tomorrow then just the 50’s and 60’s a few days. It’ll be a nice break!

Well I guess that’s about it today! I’ll be back in another day or 2. Take care my friends!

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4 weeks ago

I would share your frustration with your son. He needs to think of the future instead of just focusing on right now. You are right that if he learns a trade he will always have a way to earn money and make his own way in the world.

Glad your temps are getting lower.

4 weeks ago

@darkmadonna I’ve already voiced my concerns but he doesn’t want to listen to me. 

4 weeks ago

You are a good mom for continuing to give your son the opportunities he isn’t able to get himself.  California is way too expensive for anyone to survive!  My mouth is watering for the chicken taquitos.  😊