Rainy gloomy day

What a dreary day today! Lots of rain and quite chilly! I went and visited with my mom this morning then ran an errand and came home. I made a chocolate caramel toffee crunch cake. I haven’t had any yet but it looks yummy!

My son called and asked me to take him to a local bar to meet someone about working there part time. He plans on working between the 2 bars in the kitchen like he’s presently doing at the one. I really wish he’d have taken my advice and gone to work with my brother learning a trade but at this stage of his life I can only offer the advice. I can’t make him do anything. I just worry about his future!

My mom called just a little bit ago. I mentioned before that my mom has her friend holding her pain pills so she doesn’t feel tempted to take too many. Well lately her friend has been giving her a hard time about bringing her pain pills to her each morning. Usually she would have her husband drive the pills over each morning by 8am because mornings are the hardest for her. Her friend keeps saying that her and her husband have things to do and can’t bring anything over until later in the day. I told my mom to just get the whole bottle off of her and give them to me to dispense so she doesn’t have that trouble anymore. So today this happened again and then her friend was ignoring her calls. I told my mom something wasn’t right. I had a bad feeling about it, something was suspicious. Well her friend called her a little bit ago apologizing profusely because her grandson(she suspects) some all the pills. He’s an addict. My mom was crying so much! I felt really bad for her. I’ve been in that situation a few times. My question is… if hou know your grandson is an addict then why leave the pills out in the open where anyone can get them? When my brother was an addict, I hid mine or locked them in a safe and he didn’t even live with me. I did it because I couldn’t chance them being accessible in case he came over. My mom won’t go through withdrawl real bad because she doesn’t have enough to get through each whole month. She always runs out about a week and a half before she gets them again. She just ends up in pain without them and can’t get up and about very well. Now she has a longer time to go through that this month. I told her from now on I’ll hold the pills and dispense them. I’m trying to ease her down to only 2 a day so she can make it a whole month without running out. And they will be hidden in my home just like my own are. 

My daughter might come tonight otherwise it’ll be tomorrow to FINALLY put together my floor lamp/ table. I’ve been waiting since Mother’s Day. I need more light in my living room real bad. I can’t get back into my adult coloring until it’s up. 

Tonight I made my ham and hashbrown casserole again. I had enough ingredients left over that needed to be used. I think tomorrow I’m making my homemade gruyere mac and cheese. I need to get to Giant Eagle to get the gruyere. They don’t sell it at my towns grocery store. 

Well I’m all caught up for now. I hope everyone is doing good. Take care my friends!

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4 weeks ago

Ham and hashbrown casserole? Gruyere mac and cheese? Sign me up plz! 😀 😀

4 weeks ago

Looks to me like you’ve had quite a day 😀😀😀

4 weeks ago

Some friend. Wow. Your poor mother. She is fortunate that you are such a caring, compassionate and selfless daughter.