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Back to the hot temps! At least for a couple of days. It’s going to be 90° today. I was really liking that I haven’t had to use my air conditioning the last few days but today it’s on again for sure!

I was just at my mom’s house visiting and her neighbor lady just got a nice new car. Funny thing is that she bought this car that is a stick shift and she never drove stick before! She came out to go to work and stopped by a minute to tell us this. She had a hard time getting the car out of the driveway then up the road. I hope she doesn’t have to go far. I remember when I got my first stick shift. My husband at the time had to teach me how to drive it. I had a hard time at first then I got it for the most part. I hated being on a hill and the car drifting backwards. It scared me everytime I was on a slight incline. Once I finally learned and got use to it though I loved it! I preferred driving a stick to an automatic. Now because of my pain and weakness in my legs and hips I can’t drive stick anymore. I miss it!

Today I’m taking my friend Lilly to dinner at Olive Garden for her birthday.  It’s a belated birthday dinner as her birthday was Sept 4. We just couldn’t get together before now. 

I just got a message from my daughter. She had an appointment today to see a psychologist. I use to try and take her to therapy when she was younger but she refused to cooperate. She wouldn’t talk to them or anything. I think one time she did and was diagnosed with depression and put on medicine but then she refused to take it. Since then I thought she got better. She never seemed depressed or anything. I thought maybe ADHD because of some of her mannerisms. My son was diagnosed with that and for awhile he was on meds for it but we could never get him on the right med or right dose. He was like a zombie a lot of the time. I finally quit making him take his meds. It was a huge fight…So anyway, my daughter went to see a psychologist today and was diagnosed with depression and ADHD. They put her on Cymbalta and Adderall. She’s now old enough that she’s open to therapy and meds. I hope the meds help her. I feel bad that I had no idea she was still struggling with depression. 

I guess that’s all I have for today. I hope everyone has a good day today!

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3 weeks ago

The farthest I can go with a stick shift is about two blocks then I stall. But I do know they are cheaper then the automatic cars.  But pretty soon it will be electric cars I can hardly wait.

I hope your daughters drugs will help her.

3 weeks ago

@jaythesmartone The are already electric cars. I don’t want one though. I rather just the one I have. 

3 weeks ago


When the electric cars become cheap enough there will be no more gas cars. The world is trying to have the cleanest air possible and there is just too much pollution with gas cars.

I hope your daughter finally gets the help she needs.

3 weeks ago

hoping this helps your daughter! glad you were able to have a good lunch with a good friend! it does the soul so good!!

3 weeks ago

I prefer stick shifts, too. I get bored in an automatic.

I hope this medicine helps your daughter. I’m ADHD, too its not fun you’re mind never stops racing.