Saturday visit

Today I decided that after visiting with my mom I was gonna go home brown my roast and get it in the crock pot then go visit my daughter on her day off work. I stayed there a few hours. We talked and laughed and watched Blacklist together. She’s way behind me in the series so it took all I had not to blurt out what’s coming. We talked about Thanksgiving and apparently my daughters boyfriends brother is late to everything and when he says dinner will be ready at 2 it’s usually hours later. I don’t handle that real well. I’m always on time and do things or go places with a timeline in mind. I need to be back home in time to take my dogs out before they have any accidents. That gives someone a time frame of about 4-5 hours. I hope they can manage to have dinner ready sometime in that chunck of hours and able to get me back home in time for my dogs. My daughter thinks it’s best for me to drive myself and follow them so I can leave in time. I just don’t want to appear rude. That’s not who I am!

I’m home now. My house smells wonderful! It smells of the pork roast and sauerkraut with a touch of brown sugar (from the diffuser). I’m going to watch some Blacklist then do all the dishes and make my mashed potatoes and eat. 

It’s been a cold yet nice day visiting my daughter and now relaxing for a tiny bit. I hope everyone has stayed warm and had a good day as well. 

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Today has been a good day too. 🙂 It’s good bc tomorrow and Monday are supposed to be very wet and windy.. and thus cold af….

2 weeks ago

Maybe you can take your dogs with you?

My son is always late so I just tell him to be where ever atwo hours before and he is then on time even if he is a bit late.

2 weeks ago

@jaythesmartone I can’t take my dogs.