Seems fixed

Whatever was wrong with this site recently seems like it was fixed. My pages are loading so much faster now and nothing is shutting down on me anymore. This is great!

I have laundry to get done today and am either going to make the loaded broccoli  potato soup for dinner tonight with grilled cheese sandwiches or am going to order in my favorite salad from O’Charleys. I haven’t decided yet. Otherwise I’m just watching Blacklist. It’s got so many twists and turns it’s crazy. Definitely keeping me on my toes!

My dog has gotten so much worse with his barking. I don’t know what to do. I sure as hell can’t afford a trainer. And everything I’ve tried hasn’t worked. This all started after the break in in my home a year or so ago. I think it really scared him, made him very alert and now any sound or movement he sees he barks at. I can tell when he barking at actual people or dogs because he aggressively barks and runs back and forth from on top of the couch looking out the door window to the living room window. When he just sees a flag in the breeze or something blowing down the street he just randomly lets out a bark. But it’s all day long. Doesn’t stop until around 6pm and that’s as long as no loud sounds alert him. And when I take him outside to the bathroom if he even hears a person talking a few doors down he starts his crazy barking. I love my dog with my whole being! He’s my baby. I couldn’t live happily without him in my life. When he came into my life I wasn’t sure I wanted another dog. I reluctantly took him in to puppy sit him for my son’s sister since she was between homes. I instantly fell in love with him! And I got so attached that I knew I’d not be able to give him back. That’s when I told her that I would buy him from her and she accepted. He was suppose to be my son’s dog but he was rarely around. He’d take care of him nights and then in the day I had him all day. He became attatched to me. Then my son realized he was a big baby and he didn’t like that. He wanted a meaner pit bull, a scary watch dog. I wouldn’t let him train him to be that do he decided the dog should be mine. I accepted that without argument because I knew he was my baby! Now people hear him bark and assume he’s a mean dog but he’s far from it. He’s more scared than anything!

Anyway, I guess that’s all for today. I hope everyone enjoys their quiet day as I won’t get that, lol 

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2 weeks ago

my pages are loading faster too!  and no problems logging on


2 weeks ago

There is two entries from the support people on the front page explaining everything….and it’s all fixed.

And as for your dog barking look at this or maybe you tube….

and no your dog is never to old to stop a bad habbit.

2 weeks ago

@jaythesmartone I’ve tried those things. I’ve looked online just like you did. And there’s nothing I can do to fix it. 

2 weeks ago


Time and patience is the key….

2 weeks ago

your menu plans always sounds yummy