Snow, snow go away!

This year has been the worst with snow that I can remember for a long time. We got hit with another big Winter weather storm. It was ALOT of ice and then snow followed that. I had to wait till my neighbor could get here to shovel my driveway and walkways and around my car so I could get out and go to work. Thankfully he just finished. I leave for work in about a half hour. I’m leaving early because the roads are not so great. I’m mostly concerned about Marty’s roads. They don’t get much attention. 

Things at work have been interesting. Lilly has been in an awful mood for a little while now.  She’s upset at Marty still over the prenup that is required by the Trust that his aunt set up for him. She didn’t know I was within hearing distance when she was talking to her cousin the other day and she was saying that it’s not right because she should have a right to his money if they marry. She said if something happens to him she should be taken care of so she doesn’t have to work again and that if they divorce she should be able to get half his money. I would have never guessed she was after his money! Since I’ve started working for Marty I’ve seen a totally different side of Lilly. She’s shown me a different person than what I thought she was. I did notice she cheated him on money as far as her pay is concerned and stuff and it’s bothered me but had someone asked me a year ago if she was after Marty’s money I would have said no. Not anymore! He’s not handling it well. He’s so afraid to lose her as his caregiver that he’s making bad decisions all the way around. He’s trying now to see if there’s a way around the prenup to make her happy. I told him that’s a very bad idea but he never listens to me. He asked my opinion, I gave it to him and that’s all I can do. The whole thing is ridiculous!

Lilly is already fed up with the new caregiver that she brought in to replace Tina and has had Marty reach out to try and bring Tina back. Tina called me and she doesn’t know what she’s going to do. She’s pissed how this has all went down and doesn’t feel right about coming back. However, she could use the money. Then on the other hand her 88 year old mother was just discharged from the hospital into her care. She’s living with her and she has to take care of her now. So she doesn’t know if she can find the time to help Marty again. This was the second time Lilly fired her though too and she’s mad about that and that Marty allowed it to happen. I see her point and I told her that you always have to keep in mind that he’s always going to choose her abs always going to let her do what she wants because he’s afraid to upset her and have her leave. It’s ridiculous but it’s something I realized real fast. 

I was disappointed to see I only lost 1lb again this past month. I’m not going to diet so I just have to live with the slow loss. I’m thrilled that I’m now down 2 pant sizes and 1 shirt size though. At least the inches are coming off right? I’m still eating really healthy and doing very well on that. 

I was suppose to finally go back to my old hairstylist the other day but because of the winter storm I missed it. I get to go Monday early morning. Hopefully we don’t get another snowstorm. 

Well I have to end this here. I have to take my dogs out and get ready to go to work. Wish me luck on making it there safely!!

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February 4, 2022

going down two pants size is great! usually each size is 10 pounds! great job


February 5, 2022

@kaliko I’ve lost 32lbs so far.

February 4, 2022

Was Lilly a paid caregiver? It does seem unethical that a caregiver should strike up a relationship with the person for which they caregiver.

Down 2 pant sizes! Go girl! Plateaus are natural and as you drop weight it starts to come off more slowly. Keep at this lifestyle. Your doing so great at getting healthy!

February 5, 2022

@celestialflutter Lilly is a paid caregiver. Not from a company but private like myself. She still insists on getting paid being his fiance. It’s just weird!

February 4, 2022

Snow in Canada is inevitable. Winter is a constant thing. It goes winter/winter/not even half a spring or summer/construction and winter again. (joke!) But srsly. 😛

February 5, 2022

I trust you made it okay in that awful snow.  People get all weird when it comes to money.  She is a gold digger and the other ones there with their attitudes would get the best of me.  You are a strong, determined, and loyal person.  😎

February 6, 2022

I hope you’ve stayed safe!

What a nightmare regarding Lilly and Marty. Nothing good is going to come of that.