Splurging a little

Lately I have been splurging a little on myself. I have restarted my Stitch Fix subscription set for every month and have been buying pieces each time. Last time in fact I purchased the whole fix. I also have been wanting to buy a new Pandora bracelet for myself and start collecting charms for it. I use to have 2 full bracelets that my ex husband bought me. I sold off the bracelet and charms separately after my divorce. Now my life is so different so I wanted to start collecting charms that have to do with my life now. I finally splurged and bought a beautiful Pandora bracelet with a Tree of Life clasp that says “family” on the back. Then I purchased 3 charms to start…a beautiful sunflower dangling charm, a dangling crown and one that says “mom”. They’re beautiful! I forgot to buy a stopper charm though and I need that. Each time I take the bracelet off the charms all fall off. I’ll get one soon. 

Things at work have between a little better. Lilly and I had a long serious talk last week about why I distance myself from her and why I don’t talk to her much. I explained why I was so upset and what caused our fight awhile back. I told her I was more hurt than angry. I told her that I always considered her my best friend and that when it was getting back to me all the stuff she was saying about me behind my back I was hurt. So long story short, she cried alot and apologized profusely. She admitted that she did indeed say those things about me and that she was in the wrong. She explained that when she gets angry and overwhelmed she says alot of hurtful things about people. We hugged it out and said this is a fresh start. We’ll see how it goes!

Last night Marty had a Super Bowl gathering. He way over ordered on the food. He got 200 wings of various flavors and 4 sheets of pizza. Then Lilly made up a cheese and pepperoni tray and bought various kinds of crackers for it. Only 4 people came besides us 3. My son decided to join us which was really nice. He and Marty hit it off and he had a great time with everyone. Lilly had her couple girlfriends come by with their French Bulldog that had spina bifida. She has to wear diapers always. She was the most precious little baby! I just loved her!

I was suppose to go to work tonight but Lilly messaged me asking me if I minded if she had a night alone with Marty. Of course that was fine with me. I had already made my dinner for work so that’s done early. I made Roasted Red Pepper Rigatoni. The sauce is so good!! I have laundry about ready to come out of the dryer and I’m relaxed for now watching Discovery ID shows while cuddling with Tito. I have to run out to a neighbors house in a bit to bring her an extra inhaler I have. I’ve been giving them to her because I don’t use them anymore. Now my doctor finally updated his computer and doesn’t prescribe them to me anymore so I won’t be able to help her anymore. I feel bad because her insurance doesn’t cover them and she can’t afford them. 

Well I gotta go get my laundry from the dryer. Take care everyone, stay warm and safe!

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February 14, 2022

I think it’s just wonderful that you are treating yourself to some new things.  I’ve purchased a few things from Stitch Fix.  It’s fun to receive surprise packages from them.  And your charm bracelet is perfect. It can be an expression of the woman you are today.  As you say, the charms can reflect your life as it is now.  I hope you had a nice Valentine’s Day.

February 14, 2022

Treat Yo’self! We all should splurge on ourselves sometimes without feeling guilty. I’m glad you did some nice things for yourself. <3

February 20, 2022

Ads for Stitch Fix keep popping up on my Facebook feed. So tempting!

Glad things are going well.