Survey from Sammy


  1. How are you doing today?:

Doing very well today. 

What was the best thing that happened to you today?:
Probably just visiting with my mom and brother. 

Which cell phone network are you on?:
I use Boost Mobile

Do you like the smell of cinnamon?:

What was the last book you’ve read?:
Just finished,  The Girl in the Box, Cold and and now reading The Girl in the Box, Music

Are you hungry right now?:
Nope, just finished eating dinner

What was the last thing you’ve had to drink?:

Do you like frogs?:
Not really

Are you afraid of dying?:

Do you like bananas?:

Are you currently fighting with someone right now?:

Is your life full of drama?:
Thankfully, no

How long can you hold your breath underwater?:
Don’t know, haven’t tried in a very long time

Where’s the last place you’ve been to out of state?:
Pennsylvania when I went to my daughter’s college graduation a few years ago

Have you ever been kissed in the rain?:

What letter does your last name start with.:

What are you listening to right now?:
Say yes to the Nest

Have you ever had a pet that died?:
Yes when I was just a little girl

Would you rather use a trackpad or a mouse?:

Do you consider yourself politically intelligent?:
Somewhat, not alot

Have you ever done any volunteer work?:

Do you like the Beatles?:

Is it night time where you’re at right now?:
Early evening

Do you like steak?:
Love it!

Do you eat healthy?:

How often do you work out?:
Not at all

What was the best gift you’ve ever received?:
I don’t know, I’ve gotten alot of great gifts

Do you owe anyone an apology right now?:

Are you the jealous type of person?:
Not anymore

Have you ever tried doing yoga?:

Do you like getting massages?:
Love them but haven’t had one in a long time

Would you rather be too hot or too cold?:
Too cold. It’s easier to warm up than to cool down. 

When was the last time you’ve attended a sleepover?:
A few years ago when I was still dating

Tell me one of your pet peeves.:
People cracking their gum

Do you wear glasses?:

Do you like to keep your nails painted?:
Not anymore

Have you ever had a pedicure?:
Yes but it’s been a long time

What is your favorite smell?:
Baby powder

Do you like the TV show Full House?:
I use to many years ago

Would you rather listen to country music or rap music?:

Have you graduated high school yet?:
Yes, many years ago

What kind of person were you in middle school?:
Pretty quiet

Do you have any major regrets in your life?:
No because everything I’ve been through had made me who I am today

Have you ever thought about running away?:
As a child yeah

Do you like French toast?:

Are you a fast typer?:
Not at all 

Are you good at doing math in your head?:

Have you ever played with Silly Putty?:
When I was a kid

Do you take in a lot of caffeine daily?:
Not alot, usually 1 can of pop a day

Do you like watching football?:


What language do you wish you could speak?:

Do you know a lot about history?:
No, I always hated that subject in school

Would you ever consider joining the military?:
Oh hell no

Do you think women should be allowed to have abortions?

I don’t believe in abortions but I believe it’s the woman’s choice


Are you a cigarette smoker?:
No, never tried smoking

Do you like zombie movies?:

Have you seen The Hunger Games?:

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing?:
I have a few favorites

Do you own any Uggs?:
No, I think they’re ugly

Are you wearing any rings on your fingers?:

Do you look like your age?:
I’m told I look younger

Do you feel confident in a bathing suit?:

Do you do a lot of online shopping?:
Yes, I get alot from Amazon

Do you like the Harry Potter films?:
Never was interested in watching them

Do you judge people based on their sexual orientation?:

Have you ever been told you had an accent?:

Have you ever ridden an elephant?:
Yes, about 25yrs ago

Are you allergic to pollen?:

Have you ever eaten sushi?:
Tasted it once, didn’t like it

If so, do you like it?:

Are you a fan of anime?:

Are you a big fan of seafood?:
Yes, some of it

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May 22, 2021

Hey I deleted my OD  sub since I was getting bored of writing in it so if you want to keep in touch with me on Facebook you can. Also my stories can be be found and commented on

May 22, 2021

Good answers!!