The Mastery Of a Good Fighter – By Marvyl Praise Inspiration

THE MASTERY OF A GOOD FIGHTER – By Marvyl Praise @marvylpraiseinspiration
What do we fight for?
Who is a good  fighter?

What a good fighter obtains?
When you fight, you should fight to the fullest, fight to gain victory, fight to win. We should learn to acknowledge the fact that “Fight” comes in different dimensions;
You can fight a physical fight, a spiritual fight or even an imaginary or a mind battle fight.
We fight for a purpose, we fight to win, and we make sure we are attained to oppose defeat. We must be a good fighter. A good fighter fights the fight of faith, he believes he can win the battle even when the battle is challenging. Note a good fighter must be prepared for any battle or war which may come ahead of him (at any time). A good fighter must be filled with the spirit of power, standing on the ground of fire, he’s eye will be filled with the fear and terror to scare his enemies, and which he upholds greater power, bigger, stronger and mightier than that of his enemies, commanding lightening, flames of fire, and earthquakes.
A good fighter has to obtain the spirit of boldness, invincibility, Courage, sparking out the terror to torrent his enemies; also a good fighter must meditate on his mind to find the weakness of his enemy, then focus on the right target, then strike that’s how he wins.

Further Questions to ask
How can you fight a fight that is bigger than what you can win/take/ or imagine?. For enquires/ Questions—

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