7.17.21 (know thyself, know thy wealth)

Listening “Belong to the City (REMIX)” by PARTYNEXTDOOR feat. Drake

One of the new women in my life ascertained that I may have been too obscure with a post of mine. Well, imagine that everyone is coming at u with an angle. (Even attorneys are tryna out do an/or think u.) You’re forced to either be razor sharp real or just left to those who you can be yourself with, enough to function.)

It’s never real worry when someone tries to top or “tit-for-tat” ya. Cuz it’ll be a matter of moments and they’ll have to severely re-think that s***. Plus, some toy with others out of lack of real depth of understanding of truth, so they truistically lack peace of mind (you’ll pick it up in their words). They’re never content here. 

Reminiscing on moments when I had to walk everywhere or when I worried about who I’d settle down with alongside of the current concern of meeting so many that I’m unsure of “who to settle down with”. I only talk to myself about em for about a day and then they’re gone. She’ll have to positively want to enrich my life, or I can’t see her. The cool thing is that they’re all over place putting in work for a spot, and it’s amazing but also sorta sickening. 

But the cool thing about it is that I did this….Jordan was on of em’. 😉

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July 18, 2021

why are everyone coming at you with an angle… confuses me sorry