Michelle’s mascarpone masterpiece!

Ahaha! Alliteration! It was Michelle’s bday today. We had mascarpone cake. So f-cking good!!! I have had mascarpone cheese but not … cake?? Omg. Y’all have to try it. Soooo delicious!! Enough of me rhapsodizing about food… (I’m such a damn foodie!)

Today was an uneventful day…. I just futzed about the house. Wednesday, is pin money… for the general populace of my home.. but for people with direct deposit like me, get it Tuesday… so I can order my Amazon stuff then.


Yeah! Something like that! Ha ha!!!!!!! (without the weird hair and work boots and tutu. LOL)

I am supercharged tonight. Liz and I were talking about the British monarchy, and the state of it today. King Charles + Queen Consort Camilla + Diana – the royal love triangle… and even the mess with Wills and Rose Hanbury.

If you must know I am a Kate Middleton fan. And a Wills fan. I can’t imagine why Wills would stray like that…. but then again, I don’t know them personally so…. but! Maybe, maybe Harry will get to shed his ‘spare’ status? Or maybe that cutie patootie Georgie??? Who the hell knows? Family dynamics eh??

I have Katy Perry’s Roar on repeat. I love that song. Julz must hate this song, as I usually play it. Ha! πŸ˜‚

I just hope Zilpah is out of the hospital (she had a stroke) soon as I have no clue as to how to put the bed barriers together. I am hopeless with mechanical things. Seriously!!! But hopefully they will keep Bees and Julie from falling out of bed and possibly breaking bones… I really don’t need one but I’ll get them anyhow bc .. well.. I’m not pushing my luck.

I had to take back my iPhone bc it has my sensitive data stored on it like, my Libre, and my banking crap…. and my Rogers app… so yeah… everything is copacetic. THANK THE GOOD LORD!!!

Bees’s phone case should come soon. She has a Samsung and another sort of Android… I need to get a case for that too… but first off, I need to see the model #.

Edit:Β Sorry, had to refill the soap container. πŸ™‚

Um.. well… that’s it I reckon…



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March 25, 2023


@heffay 😁😊❀️