here i come

if u are reading this you probably are lonely as me. hey there diary i came up with a name for u, sasuke well there are two reasons behind it. firstly i love anime and second just like naruto and sasuke we will be inseperable too. The day was not anything fancy it was all boring stuff as usual my classes and all but the best part was when i talked to her my girl Manishi, she is too sweet to be resisted and adorable af. She is the only one i wanna be with now but at the same time i hope I can give a better life to my mom and my family, i hope someday i pay back what they have done for me, but i wanna live like i do and also be famous someday.

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September 3, 2020

Well, not all of us at Open Diary are lonely, but we’re all looking for a place to be able to talk about our lives. Maybe we don’t have that in real life. Maybe this is just easier.

I hope you achieve your dreams. Good luck.