So, we meet again.


I never thought I’d see the day OpenDiary returned, and brought all my old entries and memories with it. It’s bizarre. SO much has happened, I don’t know where to even begin. I don’t suppose there’s much point in re-capping the past 5 years. Relationships have come and gone, Ed is still around and I’m working full time and living with a great friend and co-worker.

Recently I’ve been really thinking about journaling again, so it’s convenient that OD is back. I’m not sure I’ll write everything in here like I used to, but it’s nice to know I have an outlet somewhere that no one in my real life knows about.





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May 13, 2019

Welcome back! It’s like reuniting with an old friend, isn’t it? An old friend that it costs $3.99 a month to hang out with. Lol.

Hope this is the outlet you’re looking for. I know it’s been helpful for me, my 36 year old turmoil being nearly as angsty as my teenage turmoil. ☺