Bad Bad Bad

I feel like I’m always whining and complaining about everything. I need to change that. It’s annoying for me, so I can imagine anyone that has to endure it. Smh.

I got laid off from my job yesterday. I was furloughed in early April. Yesterday I got the call. I think I’m most concerned about the medical benefits. I know there will be a severance package, but I won’t know the details of that until Friday when I talk to HR.

My reiki appointment is at 2:00 today. I can’t wait. I’m in dire need of energy cleansing. I need to turn things around in my life. Definitely need more positives.

My dog is woofing at me. My guess is he wants to go outside and sniff everything in existence while I stand there freezing to death…

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1 week ago

I am sorry to hear about the job, but believe that better things are coming for you.