The Weekend

Weekend was good. Saturday we went and got a massage. We came home though and had to argue with his dad about eating, because he straight up refuses. He thinks taking baby sips of water is going to suffice. He wants my MIL to make him Borsch. Why should she? Why should she spend the entire day cooking  something that he probably won’t even eat. I told him that. He said then I’ll just die then. Stop being a GD child. It’s not like it’s easy for her to do these things. Smh. Sometimes I wonder if I’d be acting and/or feeling differently if it was my own dad.

Yesterday same thing. So annoying. We went to my parents house for a bit for our niece’s 2nd birthday. She got a little trampoline and that was the highlight of the day. We were all exhausted just watching her jump. Lol

We booked a massage, facial, and hotel for Valentine’s Day. Also booked a few new locations to investigate this year. The one I’m most excited for is an elementary school in Ohio. I’ve always been obsessed with schools and have no idea why. I was a teacher for a while, but I no longer do that.

Well I do have some stuff I need to do. I should probably start eventually…

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January 25, 2021

I’m going to spend Galentines with my besties and sister. No chocolate or candy though. It’s just going to be the 3 of us. <3 Sometimes our parents make the parenting roles reversed eh? My Mother needs schooling in good parenting.