how wonderful the one

How inexplicable the thought
that someone chose you,
a speck in earth’s endless throng,
to be their very favourite thing,
the being they would die to be with
over and over every other;

How curious the cravings
of another for your closeness,
though you possess lumps of flesh
of unremarkable topography,
still adored in their entirety,
perfect just because it’s you;

How humbling the yearning
of somebody else’s ears to hear
the words that you compose,
their spirits raised high by sugar
or toppled by bile on your breath,
nevertheless always listening;

How delectable the moment
one reveals an eagerness
to take tongue to your skin,
from top to bottom tasted
with no trace of disgust,
or care for time of day or month;

How sobering the duty
as a fort of someone’s refuge,
to be called upon to shelter
and break the day’s gales into calm,
to have your best demanded
even while your foundations shake;

How desolate the parting
of the one you can’t replace,
yet if such a fate life does demand,
find solace in the fact you stayed
the being they had been to die with,
forever but never again.

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February 21, 2020


March 7, 2020

@i-am Thank you so much, glad you liked it 🙂