The First Entry

Greetings!  My name is MisyMarie, or just Misty for short.  I feel that I just had to start something here to unload my feelings, especially my erotic one’s so I’d be able to focus on things of what I would call my “normal life”.

I’ve had a rough past with my dad passing away while in prison and my mom is still in a psychiatric center.  My dad passed away while incarcerated when I was around 11 or so.  When my mom found about his death, she felt that it would be too much responsibility to raise a daughter by herself, so she asked the only living member of her family that she had, my cousin, who was, and still is serving in the military, specifically, the U.S. Army.  At the time he was serving in Germany, but eventually was able to get a stateside assignment.  My mom asked my cousin if he could help her in raising her daughter, or in this case, me.  I’ve always looked up to my cousin Rich, ever since I was a little girl, as far back as I can remember.  Although he was hardly around much early on, some of my fondest and dearest memories in my formulative years were of him and my mom.

When my mom approached Rich about helping raise me, he supportively agreed and worked with the military “red tape”  to get a stateside assignment close to where I lived at the time.  When the time came, he moved in with us, and I was overjoyed that he was moving in with us as I’d always looked up to him and certainly been more of a father to me than my own dad.  In fact, it is Rich whom I consider to be my real father as he lovingly helped raise me and is even continuing to help my mom as she is receiving psycho-therapy treatment.  I’m 22 now and living on my own with my girlfriend Natasha not too far away from where I grew up and, of course, Rich is always there when I need him.

I’ve been traumatized by my dad when I was younger.  So much so that I’m still dealing with how I’d been treated by my dad before being carted off to jail.  That day brought upon such a great relief for both my mom and myself as we no longer had to live under his influence.  I remember that day well and remember how glad I was that he was gone.  I was with my mom that evening, when she contacted my cousin Rich letting know what had happened and asked if there was any way he could be assigned closer to us and give her a hand in raising me.

I struggle greatly, even at 22 with how I had been treated when my dad was around.  I was both physically and sexually abused by “him”.  I have a hard time wearing clothes now.  Whenever I try to wear clothes to go out and do things, it is not long that I begin to itch all over my body and the only way to stop it is to take my clothes off when I get back inside, so my skin can feel that air upon it and the ‘itch’ subsides within 30 minutes or so.  If I’m now going out, I remain naked so I don’t have to put up with the discomfort of having any clothes on.  My girlfriend, Natasha, is alright with this, in fact she goes around in the buff as well, not that I mind, as to me, she is totally a knock out.

I also have no control over when I need to go to the bathroom.  Whenever I need to pee or poo, my body just does and I have no control over it.  I don’t even feel it, until I feel myself wet either afterward or sometimes when I look down and I’m going.  I hate myself when that happens, but Natasha always reassures me that it’s nothing to worry about and her younger sister, Nadene, who also lives with us, is even willing to help clean up when I pee and poop myself.

I have to end here as Nadene made me realize that I’ve been going on myself, or specifically pooping myself and now I have to clean up when my body if finished pooping.  I can’t stop it as it’s coming out, but instead it has to run on out until it’s done.  Sometimes I do get aroused as Nadene is helping me clean myself because I like the way she touches me when she cleans me.  She even takes off her clothes when she helps clean me so she won’t ruin any of her clothes in the process.  More to come tomorrow.  Hope to write more.



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