I’m Not Perfect…

Being Perfect…  What does that mean?  Does that mean I get up every morning to make my family breakfast, and have the house clean, my kids have straight A’s, my hair is flawless, and I drive a car with out scratches, dents, or hail damage?  Or is Perfect when you are happy 100% of the time?  Is it when you cook, every meal is Perfect???

I’m far from perfect…. I’m far from being the Perfect Mom….  I’m far from having the perfect Body, I’m far from having a perfect relationship, far from having the perfect hair, nails, smile, clean house, the Perfect for my family.

I’m here to tell you, Parenting made me grow up.  When I was young and was pregnant with my first child, I was scared, I wasn’t ready, but it is what it is, I’m bringing a new life into this unperfect world!

Right now, my kids are fed, they are clothed, they are healthy, they have a roof over their head.  I feel that is something to be proud of!  I catch myself comparing me to Models, beautiful women on TV, watching movies and reading romance novels and compared their relationships to my terrible relationship I currently in now…  Then, I have to sit back… and remind myself… I am not those women.  I am me!

I am the one who is getting up in the morning, rushing my kids to get ready for school, rushing them out the door, dropping them off to school.  You know its a good morning when you did it all on time and gone through construction zones and still on time!  It’s a relief you know your kids are fed, clean and rested for another day of school.

I do not have the cleanest mouth.  I do have the f-bomb slip every now and then.  Then I do remember… one day… my kids are going to hear it anyways!  Then, I realized, if I sheltered my kids like my parents sheltered me, they will have a hard time beginning their new life out in the real world.  There is bad people out there, there is people who will take advantage of you, and there are some people that would want to hurt you!  Its just going to happen and it most likely will happen to my kids too!  However, my soon-to-be 15 year old Daughter scares me…  Not like scared like she’s going to kick my ass or anything like that… More like… Boys taking advantage of her scared.  She’s almost 15 and she will be wanting to explore her sexuality.  Things are just so much different then when I was a teenage girl.  There was no Facebook, there was no Twitter, there was no Instagram….  If somebody wanted to talk to me, they would call me on the phone that hung on the wall with a cord attached to it so nobody can wonder off too far.

I want her to be able to tell me anything.  Which she does, and that’s great!  I have to remember I was a teenager once…. I thought I could rule the world!

All in all… I may not be perfect, but I know my kids are healthy, safe, and they have manners.

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October 16, 2020

that makes you pretty perfect!