New Year, New Start!

I haven’t posted anything for a while, but I have been a busy girl!  Christmas was fun (except my Husband was having a pity party), kids got spoiled, I got a few nice things when I didn’t even ask for it.  Went to Nebraska to visit Family, and was also invited over to my Dad’s Girlfriends house for a little dinner.  That was an excellent visit.  New years was good, spent time with more family.  I finally bought myself a Nutribullet.  I had to buy things to try it out.  It is sooo nice!  I see so many recipes I don’t don’t know how to handle myself! LOL

I have been going to the gym for the past two months now, and I must say, I’m finally seeing results.  I’m already thing as it is, but I just wanted to be in shape and gain muscle tone.  I don’t see much for muscle tone, but I am seeing results in my performance on running!  Yesterday, I ran 1.5 miles and had one walk break!  I was so happy!  I have been seeing improvements on my performance, and I’m proud of myself!  I have never been this fit before.  I am thankful for my hard work!

I’m looking at doing a 5K run over at Yellowstone, Montana this summer.  This is giving me something to look forward to!  I feel my mind is sharper, I feel like I sleep better, I feel like myself (almost), and I feel great!  I love Montana… I love the mountains, the woods, everything!  Well, western Montana… eastern is kind of flat and dull LOL.

I set up an inspiration board.  I have made goals for myself the next five years, save money, travel, see the northern lights in Alaska, start school for law enforcement, and get my tattoo!  I fell in love with a tattoo with all of the flowers and butterflies, it will be a half sleeve.  I’m excited for that too!  Well, I must get going…I have pushups to do, sit ups to do, and dishes to do! LOL

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