The Struggle is REAL

So, I’m sitting here, trying to rack my brain on how I am going to be able to afford going back to school and pay my bills all a the same time, and I have a feeling my Husband makes too much money to qualify me for Financial Aid.  But, it’s still in review… I’m waiting to see what happens.  But if I get denied, then, I’m back to Student Loans, paying full price, etc….

Now, if I separate from my Husband, I’m pretty sure I can get all the financial aid in the world, help with the state for living, help with medical insurance, help with food, help with just get going in the right direction.  Searching for Scholarships is not the most easiest thing in the world…  So many ads, so many people wanting you to pay them to apply on their websites, or I don’t qualify for the local ones.  It’s so hard, but I’m trying.

I have six months to pull my shit together and figure it out.  that’s coming fast.

My Husband is spending money like a mad man, I keep on telling him I want to go to school, we shouldn’t be spending that kind of money right now, and he does it anyways.  He told me it’s stupid that I’m going back to school…  He thinks being a law enforcement officer is dumb, and my feelings was hurt right away.

I know what I need to do.  The courage to do it is the hard part.  I know I’m scared to go out on my own (again), but last time I did it, I was okay.  I was fine, I struggled, but I made it.  I work hard and do my best at what I do.  Instead of going to the gym today, I am going to sit down, make plans, work hard, budget, be serious about it, and focus on what’s most important right now.

I need to promote more cleaning positions so I am able to clean homes and scrub more floors get bills paid off, so all I have to worry about is my phone bill, car insurance, and car payment.  I got this….

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