It’s Official…

I don’t write here much anymore but I like to keep an update for looking back at certain events.  Our son just got accepted into Pharmacy School so we are beyond thrilled.  My husband had layoffs at work last week which is not good. He is still there but said he is probably at the front of the line to be let go next.  He is working on a computer chip and the deadline is this summer, he feels that is when they will let him go. He is prepared this time, it has happed at least 20 times in his 24 years of being there.  It’s just bad timing with the Pharmacy school and everything else.  I don’t care if we have to sell all our worldly possesions to get this kid thru school but he is going to do it!  It’s all he has wanted and it’s what will happen.  Hope all is well in diary land.

Take care,


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April 1, 2011

Congrats to your son!! So sorry about the layoffs

April 19, 2011

Congratulations to your son!! That is just wonderful! =)