2p musings and egg tarts…?

Hey there, Lucy’s sister Irene dropped off some egg tarts whatever that is, it sounds yummy! I have some qs for you…

  • Have you ever had egg tarts?
  • What color is your toothbrush?
  • Is it grey or gray?
  • What’s your favorite takeaway?
  • After a bath or shower, do you find that your mood has improved?
  • Do I talk too much?

My answers:

  • Nope, this is my first time!
  • purple :3
  • I say grey.. but it could be gray too..
  • Econos tuna sub with onion rings
  • Hell yeah. I do indeed.
  • Wayyyyy too much… I`m a regular motormouth.

So.. wassup as they said in the 90’s…


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April 30, 2021

You seem to like pretty interesting music

April 30, 2021

@itsjustmarina I do. ^^

April 30, 2021

Can’t wait to hear about the egg tart! :). I have never heard of that.  Green, gray, yes, no.  Haha

All your old school music crack me up!


April 30, 2021

@milkmansdaughter Yes! 😀 IKR?

April 30, 2021

Teenage dirtbag hahaha pre-pandemic memories of when I heard that song the first time are coming back to me…

No, light-turquoise/white, I use both, sweet & sour, yup – I always shower when I feel bad, nop

Hope you are fine 😄

May 1, 2021

@failingperson it is a great song. 😄

April 30, 2021

I’ve never had an egg tart. But I have a recipe for Chinese egg tart. I don’t know if there is a difference.

I remember that song. Still one of my faves <3

May 1, 2021