tell me if im just doing too much

lately ive been having problems staying with my aunt and uncle. my aunt is trying to control what i do with my life, my uncle keeps saying smart remarks about my baby. My sunt wants me to stay at her house longer, get my GED then get my license then start working again but honestly im ready to work, while im at home doing nothing i could be working right now trying to save up for a apartment, i just feel like i could do more things in my own space. Then my uncle was got something to say about micah, saying he always crying but never tries to help with him. My aunt acts like she cant help me out with him sometimes so i can get stuff done thats why she dont want me to get a job yet but i dont understand because all she do is be at home all day. im just used to being independent im only dealing with it because i need a roof over my sons head. I just wish i could fast forward my life, and be stable by my damn self. God please give me a blessing.

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