A Real Damper

This rain is ruining all my plans.  If it doesnt stop raining we arent going to be moved in before the wedding.  We wont have the house before people start coming.  People are counting on us for a place to stay.Im so upset and frustrated at this point.  Almost ready to just say screw it, I dont want it.  I keep praying that the rain will stop but I just checked out the extended forecast and rain is predicted for at least the next 10 days, which puts us 10 days before the wedding, 5 days before guests start to arrive.  If it rains for the next 10 days it will be too wet for them to do anything which in turn means it will be even longer because we have to wait for it to dry out.  There have been so many factors that have prevented us from getting this thing in time.  I wonder if its even worth it at this point.  I just dont know what to do, Im beyond frustrated really.

Good news though, we pretty much wrapped up everything for the wedding this weekend.  Only a few minor details left.  That has me excited.  Another problem with the rain though.  At this time of year we are supposed to be in the middle of a 6-10 week drought, whats up with all the rain?  It looks as though it could be raining on the day of the wedding, which screws us.  Were getting married outside.  I guess we will just gather everyone into the banquet hall and get married right there in front of our table.  ::Shrugs::  Dont know what else to do.  I hope it doesnt rain, that would make for a miserable day for just a happy occasion.

Rain rain go away, come again………….in 2 months!!!!!!!!!

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July 3, 2007

hello, used to read you a while ago! found you again since joining the wedding circle, as we have just booked our wedding for next year. hope it stops raining for you!

Awww…you poor thing. I’m so sorry about the rain. It’s crazy weather this year, that’s for sure. You know they say that rain on your wedding day is a good omen, not a bad one like everyone believes. Isn’t there anyway to rent a tent, just in case? *HUGS* I hope that you are able to move into your house really soon.

July 4, 2007