*****Do It Up Froggie Style*****

 This was the first room completed in my house……..its the only finished room.  My guest bath.

I got 2 different sets of things……..so I made them work.

Stephen bought me the one on the left……..you put a tea light in the holder under the umbrella, the middle is a soap holder, the right is one his mom gave me, also a candle holder, the frog bodies are made from shells.

This is what you see when you sit down to do your business, hes not crooked, my camera was

Two different sets of shower curtain hooks, I accidently errased the upclose of the other green one.

Behind the curtain

These are supposed to be stuck at the bottom of the tub so you dont slip

See, two of everything

I lied, theres going to be one more short entry after this one……






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You obviously have some kind of frog perversion………. 🙂

October 12, 2007

i love ducks!

October 19, 2007

So…you like frogs? Haha…I love the theme and love how you put together all the different frogs. Sooo cute. Love the toothbrush holder. If I was a guest I wouldn’t want to use the bathroom…it’s too cute!