*****OctoPhoMo 24, 25, & 26*****

So, I had to take a few days off.  Brooke has been terribly sick.  What started out as a cold has progressively gotten worse.  Took her to the Dr. yesterday morning when she woke up vomiting.  He tested for flu-negative, strep-negative, ran her blood-slightly elevated WBCs but overall normal, urinalysis-normal……so he sent her for a chest x-ray just to make sure he wasnt missing something-normal.  He thinks its something viral so he prescribed an antibiotic, today she threw up once this morning but has over all been fine.  First day since Saturday that she really hasnt had a fever.  I am hoping tomorrow is better and she can go back to school.  She is soooooo upset about that fact that she has had to miss school.   I told her when she gets a little older she will be excited about missing school.  LOL. 

Anyways, on with the show….

24th – Hayride -OR- Christmas decorations (yes, this is October, but they’re out in stores already lol!)

The pathetically sad looking gingerbread house me, my siblings, some cousins, and the kiddos made at my Nanas last year, it wouldnt even stand up/stay together.

25th – Halloween decorations -OR- Haunted House

I do not have anything for this, so instead I give you the sunrise a few mornings ago on my way home from dropping Brooke off at school.

26th – Something related to domestic violence in honor of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month (Purple/purple ribbons represent domestic violence) -OR- Frankenstein

The kids and I did color by letter coloring sheets the other day.  Brooke and I worked on the Frank together.

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Honestly I think everyone is getting sick, I’ve had a case of the sniffles for days now. I can’t do Gingerbread houses (believe me I’ve tried, it’s always an epic fail). My kids are generally excited when they miss school.. such as tomorrow (it’s a Teacher Workday). I hope Brooke starts feeling better soon! (I saw you on the front page–I participate in OctoPhoMo tooso I wanted to see what you posted..I like your pictures.)