*****Plenty Of It*****

 Pic Heavy, you’ve been warned!!

Let’s start with some of our little family…..

The little girls…….we’ve had them for about 2 years.

This is Fatty……she was originially Craig and Rachels, but they didnt want her.  There is a slight bend in her cage right in front of her nose, thats why it looks a bit strange.

Here is ours……..Hammy……she was hiding in a little nest she made but when the camera started flashing she got up to see what was going on.

This is our newest addition……Hombre.  When we bought him they had him in blue water which made him look this hot shade of purple, naturally that meant we HAD to have him……got him home and we sadly realized he wasnt purple at all.  He lives in our bathroom, I tell him good morning and feed him everyone morning.  He eats his food while I brush my teeth, we have his and hers sinks and he sits right in the middle of them both.

He looks either A) Really Annoyed  B) Really Pissed or C) High…….cant decide.

And now my favorites…….

Boudain…..she’s been my buddy since January 2002, born Dec 2001……..after Precious died she took over as Alpha and she certainly is.  We had her staying in the house with us for a little while….hope to get her back in, she seems much happier inside……Id like to have them all inside.

Next in the chain of command is Beaux……I’ve probably had him 2 or 3 years, dunno when I got him but I wrote about it here.  He was dumped at my dads work and dad felt sorry for him, watching him trying to catch birds to eat, so he brought him home to me.  He is a big baby……HAS to be the center of attention ALWAYS.  How dare you pet another when you could be loving up on Beaux, he just wont stand for it!!

The 2 Alphas……..

And here is the one Stephen named Half Pint, because we had a larger black puppy (Bailey) and a small black puppy (Beatle) and Half Pint was medium sized.  We’ve had him for about 2 or 3 months.  He is a sweet thing.  Still working on getting his mange treated, which he did spread to the other dogs.  He was HORRIBLE when we got him, he looks much better now.  My sisters friends dumped him by our house, he was a stray they had picked up……..we didnt know where he came from and were pissed when we found out they dumped him thinking we would take care of him……I dont have the heart not to……so I quickly adopted him.

He had obviously been swimming…

The rest of the mutts were off exploring or something, I tried to call them but they didnt come.  We are missing pictures of Puppy and Bailey.  We dunno what happened to Beatle, she just disappeared about a week before we moved into our house.  It could be that the same friends that dumped Half Pint stole her because they had made comments that they wanted her.

Now…….our water heater mess…….this was the first time it had a problem.  It didnt trip the breaker, just melted some things.

We dont know if the rust was there before or after it melted.

This was the 2nd and worst one.  It luckily did trip the breaker……




And they expected me to be ok with having that piece of shit in my house?!?!?!?!  I bitched enough and they finally got us a new one.  No problems thus far.

Now……..the AC unit when it froze up…….which should not happen to a brand new unit.

In this picture I wanted to show the mounting hole that proves there should be some other real cover other than what they have……..

This is the cover that is on it now

A piece of cardboard box taped to the front of it, the bottom half also has a piece taped to it as well.  If you look you can see the frozen parts covered in frost, which, under that frost was about a 1/4 – 1/2 inch thick piece of ice.

The frost……..

After the frost melted I found this……..ice…….


This is outside………what its supposed to look like……

What it did look like……

<img alt="" src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v327/obsolete_allurement/Ho

use/1b0dc216.jpg” />

Now, my windshield…..these arent the best pics………but you get the idea….looks like we are going to end up paying for it out of pocket.

This beauty had grown more that night……it now has a 6-8 inch "wing" coming off of the left side of it….

You cant really tell but the long crack goes all the way from my wipers to my rearview………

Lastly…….we have the BEST sunsets……..these pictures dont do this sky justice at all…Im going to keep trying to get an awesome picture……..every evening……from our back porch, God paints us a beautiful sky…….I LOVE our view from our porch.  Fyi, the cam lens was fogged over in a few of the pics……..I dunno why they turned out so red/orange, that wasnt the color of the sky it was blues, greens, pinks and whites…….

Dont be mad at me………I warned you that there would be LOTS!!

Plans for this weekend include but are not limited to:
Cousins Wedding
Clean House
Finish Final Walk Through Papers
Make Bathroom Curtains
Finish sorting through boxes/things to be sold

Enjoy yourself everyone!!!!!  I’ll try to get pics of our house this weekend!!  Oh…….I might be back later with a few pics from the professional photographer.  We arent too happy with what we got but nothing we can do about it now!!






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September 15, 2007

I love pictures! I’m glad you shared. I love animals probably just as much as you do. You’re such an angel for adopting all these pets. Awww the hamsters…I miss my hamster, Benny. He was sooo good. Haha and he lived forever!! Take care and have a great weekend!