I Need to Give Myself a Break: This Week’s Self Care Goal

giphy gifSo i’ve been finding it a little tricky to really enjoy life at the moment. Maybe it’s the awful weather that we have had, or maybe it’s the never ending todo list that sits on my desk. Either way, being happy and taking good care of myself has been put on the back burner recently. I think having so much to do all of the time means 

that I haven’t had to time to really look after myself. I have been leaving the dishes in the sink, falling asleep while doing work in bed and I haven’t ha

d a lie in in what seems like years. It really takes its toll!

I think that taking some time for ourselves is super important. We can’t spend all of our time working, or thinking about work. We’ll go insane!

That’s why I have decided that this week I will put myself first. My work will get done in my own time. I will go to sleep early, eat some healthy food, do some yoga, and I will sit on the sofa and actually watch some TV! I deserve it! We all do! 😍

There are just a few things that I need to make sure that I do in order to maximise my self care week! This is my plan:

#1 Buy some fancy bathing goods

One of the most effective ways that I relax is by having a bath. So I have made it my number one priority to get some fancy bathing goods this week! By using discount promo codes online, I have made it my mission to get all the luxury relaxation goods that I need without spending a fortune (as per my previous diary entry, I am currently trying to save money too!) I have got some cheap candles, a face mask and a few bath bombs too!giphy gif

#2 Books that I love

One of my favourite pastimes is reading. I have made sure that I have borrowed a couple of books from friends (romance novels mainly) so that I have something enjoyable to read – rather than just working before bed!

#3 Saying no

Pretty much everyday I wake up with a plan in my head of what I will do that day. This plan, by around 10am, gets shattered. This is usually down to friends asking to meet up, people asking for favours and more and more work being piled up on my desk. Well, that it. If I am feeling even a little overwhelmed by all these people fighting for my time, then I will say no. That’s that.

#4 Treating my body well

I am going to make sure that I spend the week filling my body with fruit, veg and lean meat. No more late night cookies or ice cream. My body is now a temple!

#5 Yoga or exercisegiphy gif

They say that doing exercise is one of the best things that you can do for your body, and boy does my body deserve the best. This week I am planning on doing some mild and beneficial exercises like yoga!

This is the first time in a long time that I have decided to put my mind and body’s needs before my work ones. I will make sure that I really give myself the care and affection that I deserve! Hopefully I will be able to carry this on (at least a little bit) beyond just this week.

Let me know if you have any tips or advice!

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