9/15/23- Gallbladder Issues

For the past half of a year, my gallbladder has been seriously acting up. At first, it started with a bit of soreness, but then, it turned into full-on attacks. Just yesterday, I had an attack during school. Usually, these attacks happen after dinner, but something about yesterday’s lunch set it off. I was in the girls’ locker room, getting changed for the class, and I began to feel a bit sore. Immediately, I became anxious. I was used to this feeling now; it was a clear warning sign that I was about to get an attack, but besides that, I tried to ignore it. Something in my brain told me that maybe, JUST MAYBE, it would be something else. So, I walked out of the girls’ locker room and began to do shin stretches due to my issues with shin splints. I felt fine until the soreness got worse, and that’s when I began to really get worried. Usually, I would wait till the teacher was done speaking, but this time, I couldn’t. So, I ran up to him and begged him to let me go to the office, and once he said I could, I took off running out of the gym and to the office, which was thankfully right nearby. Once I got there, the office lady (who I hate talking to) looked at me and I just immediately blurted out, on the verge of crying, “I’m about to have a gallbladder attack”. She gave me a strange look, but then she sent me to the back, down to the nurse’s office. I hurried back, and once I got inside, I sat down on the bed, immediately bursting out crying. The thing was, it wasn’t nearly as painful as the ones I’ve had before, but the overall anxiety of it all made me cry more than it was warranted. So I cried, and soon, the nurse came into the room and asked me what was wrong. We discussed it for a bit, and eventually, she had to call my mom. I’m a bit disappointed, because I don’t live with my mom, and the school knows that my sister should be the immediate emergency contact, but I couldn’t say anything. I was too busy crying, at that point, I didn’t care. When the nurse left the room a few minutes later, I found myself actually wanting my mom. I hate her with my guts, but sometimes, in situations of need, I find myself begging for her to be there. It’s unfortunate because I hate seeing her face, but at that time, I just wanted my mom.
So soon she arrived, and she took me home, and that was basically the end of it. It lasted for about 2 hours, but I was fine after a while. Today, the hospital wants me to take a pregnancy test. I know that I’m not pregnant because 1. I’m gay, and 2. I’m a virgin, so in my opinion, this is entirely pointless, but it’s the hospital’s orders. Then on Monday, I have to get another x-ray scan, and an ultrasound on top of that. Sometimes I wish there weren’t so many things wrong with my body.

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September 15, 2023

I had my gallbladder out. It was an easy surgery for me. So much relief afterwards. Hope you feel better.

September 15, 2023

@thespiritwithinme Thank you <3 I’m hoping that the doctors will resort to getting it taken out soon, sick of all the obstacles, just want this thing out of my body.